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Branding, App Development, Healthcare User Experience


The Project

The University of Wisconsin-Stout graphic design seniors present their capstone projects in an end of semester gallery show called "Senior Show". Neuros was one of the projects featured with the promotional video playing, business cards, stickers, a hand-bound process book, sweatshirts, and a prototype mental health journal all designed and created by Eleni Hein.

Client / 



Role / 

Graphic Designer & Creator


Year / 

Spring 2023 - Now

The Problem

Knowing you need help and actually getting the help you need is a tough journey for people to go through. For some, therapy can be extremely intimidating; whether it be because of the stigma, not knowing how to share your thoughts, not knowing how to express your feelings, or even general anxiety of the unknown. It can be very hard for people to get the help they need.

Even if people actually start therapy, many people drop-out prematurely before they can get the help that they need. It was found that 35% of people quit after their first therapy session, while 50% of people quit by their third therapy session. The main reasons for this are that the process was too hard, too expensive, they didn't feel like they were making improvement, or they just didn't like their therapist.

The Solution

A chatroom with an artificial intelligent buddy to talk to that will adapt to your personality and life, in order to help you learn how to share and express your thoughts and feelings in a safe, nurturing environment. The brain buddy will help encourage you to share your feelings at your pace, and eventually help you understand why you would be feeling this way. The app will prepare people for their therapy journey and whenever else they might feel they need it.

New User

For new users, the onboarding process was made to be a comfortable, welcoming experience. Although it is filled to the brink with questions about the new user, each question has its own distinct purpose. All information is transparent of this app is transparent for the user. If they are at all uncomfortable with why a question is being asked, all they have to do is click the question mark and a complete descriptive reason will be provided.

As you can see, this video is slightly different than the previous promotional video above. This is because this app is still currently being worked on. My goal is to complete the entire app so it can one day come to fruition and be widely available to the public.

Existing User

Existing users have a quick and easy login process, providing easy access to the app's services. This app comes with many features such as a personalized AI chat bot that will help users feel more comfortable talking about their emotions, mental health resources grouped all in one place, a personalized color "diary" that provides an alternative way to discuss the user's emotions through color psychology, and so much more. This app provides various

avenues to talk about the user's thoughts and feelings because everyone has their own preferences and ways of handling their mental health.


This app provides immense potential for various advertisement campaigns. Below is the beginning to a campaign that can be applied to various platforms.


Potential purchasable merchandise was also created during the design process. These include sweatshirts with supportive reminders on the sleeves, a mental health journal, and stickers.

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